April 27 & 28, 2019, 10am-6pm


Learn how to make a one-part drop out mold for slip casting or press molding.

Kala will teach you how to design and make plaster and clay models for a cup, bowl or small tray form, mix plaster, and make a one part ‘drop-out’ mold. Lectures will cover the etiquette of working with plaster in a community studio, proper plaster mixing, how to “read” undercuts and determine what is an appropriate design for a plaster mold.

THe expanded Vessel, May 26 - June 4, 2019

La meridiana, School of ceramics in Tuscany, Italy

Respond to culture, place, and tools to develop work that explores the intersection of design, production, and the handmade. Focusing on pots and vessels, Kala will lead projects to initiate experimental learning combining studio techniques and exposure to historic Italian ceramic traditions.

In the studio, Kala will demonstrate techniques for making, introducing new ways to think through the ceramic process. Along with concentrated studio time, the workshop will strike a balance between the pleasures of the Tuscan region with cultural and creative exploration. This workshop offers excursions and experiences to inspire our creative spirits: a cooking class and dinner with renowned Tuscan Chef Lucia Zucconi, Certaldo alto, Siena and a day trip to the town of Volterra where we will see the elegant to extravagant vessels of the Etruscan culture. 

Porcelain Echoes in Jingdezhen - July 8-26, 2019

Menlo Studio, Jingdezhen, China: The Porcelain Capitol

Set up shop in the private Menlo Studio for the second annual summer ceramics intensive led by Kala Stein. Participants will be given the tasks of responding to Jingdezhen and exploring the intersection of art, design, and production at the handmade. Kala will lead group projects to initiate experimental learning centered on investigations into the physical and conceptual nuances of making with porcelain in the extraordinary setting of Jingdezhen, the Porcelain Capitol City.

In addition to the studio classroom experience with Kala, participants will have the chance to learn through demonstrations by master blue and white painters, mold makers, and other artists and artisans living in Jingdezhen, both foreign and local.